Daylight Donuts Delights Mystery Diners! Hailed as Premier Donut Shop in Johnson City!

Daylight Donuts, another BizExit Brokers & Advisors recent sale success, garnered a nice review in the Wednesday, July 19, 2023 edition of the Johnson City Press. We can always tell when prospective buyers are ideal for acquiring a business. In the case of Brian and Shauna, their intense and focused review of the Daylight Donuts opportunity was strong indication that they were not your usual buyer prospects. They did what we want prospects to do; asked a lot of questions and got as much detail as possible. Their takeover of the business was seamless and efficient.

Learn more about Daylight Donuts by clicking the following link and reading the full story.

Mystery Diner: Bring some Daylight to your morning | Opinion |

Congratulations to Brian and Shauna.