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We are professionally engaged in the buying and selling of businesses
and franchises, as well as providing consulting services to buyers, investors,
entrepreneurs, and owners needing professional advice preparing for immediate
or eventual exit from their businesses.


Selling a Business

Are you thinking that it is time to sell your business? Contact us to explore your options and see how we can get you the most value from your business.

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Buying a Business

Our team works with independent buyers and Buyer Mandate Clients making the process of business acquisitions as smooth and hassle free as possible.

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Business Valuations

We can provide you with a comprehensive and accurate business valuation. Whether buying or selling a business, we can help in arriving at a fair purchase offer price or selling price.

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Business Exit Planning

It’s been said, the day you open your business is the day you should have a business exit plan. Developing an exit strategy and plan is essential to smoothly, and profitably, exit your business at the right time. It’s like planning a highway trip. The trip will go better if you know when to exit and have highway markers (benchmarks) telling you when you are almost there.


Commercial Real Estate Services

ValueSource Commercial Real Estate are also members of NETAR-CMLS, a comprehensive database of regional commercial listings. ValueSource Business Advisors can get the job done for you.

About BizExit Brokers & Advisors

For over 12 years BizExit Brokers & Advisors has assisted business owners and buyers connect in successfully transferring ownership. Biz Exit is an independent, locally owned full- service business brokerage firm serving the Tri-Cities, Tennessee, and Southwest Virginia market.

We strongly believe that living in, and knowing, the local market is important to helping business owners develop an effective exit strategy or helping a prospective buyer find a suitable business that fits their needs.

One guiding criteria for us is that a business not only needs to meet the basic criteria of  being a viable business, but it must also be a fit for the buyers’ lifestyle, abilities, and interests. Our motto “Your Success is Our Success” means we are dedicated to achieving a successful sale for sellers at the same time matching buyers to the right choice.

At BizExit we also realize we must be connected nationally in today’s market and interconnected world. To accomplish that we network with many business brokers and commercial real estate companies, invest in data and information resources, and market through many channels to give us a competitive edge.

Principal areas of expertise include eco-tourism, heat and air conditioning, restaurants, and  personal service businesses.

Featured Listings

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Price: $2,500,000
ListingID: 01152024
Location: Southeast Tennessee
Price: $1,200,000
ListingID: 02272025
Location: Erwin, TN
Price: $780,000
ListingID: 09012023
Location: Washington County, TN

Recent Transactions

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USDA Meat Processing Plant & Butcher Shop
Food Processing
$ 1,000,000
Popular High Volume Drive-Thru- Buc’s Deli
Limited Service Restaurant
Johnson City
Cranberries Restaurant
Johnson City/TN

Latest News and Updates

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